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Custom Content Management System

Why Should I Use a Content Management System?

Many people use a Content Management System (CMS) for their website, so that they can make changes to their site without having to know HTML or involve a web developer. 

Is There a Downside?

If you just want a simple "Brochure" website, many of the most popular CMS's might be overkill.  Usually they don't just manage content - they also add pages, change themes, add sections, etc.  This can lead to admin dashboards that are too complex for the average non-technical person to easily understand.   


Because of this, sometimes we are called in to make basic changes to a site's content - thus defeating the whole purpose of the CMS!

What's Different About TechKnowSolve's CMS?

We have developed a stripped-down CMS, removing functionality that adds to the complexity of an admin dashboard and that generally isn't used in a simple brochure website. 


With our simple CMS, you will really just manage content, from our easy-to-understand dashboard. And, even though it's simple, you still have lots of control over how your pages look.  You can add or remove images, change the formatting of the text, add links and bullet points - everything you would expect to be able to do.


The TechKnowSolve website (with the exception of the Technical Blog) is built using our CMS, so you can get an idea of some of different ways the pages can look.